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OSHA 10 Hrs Construction Workshop
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This OSHA 10-hour course is designed to provide training on construction safety and health to workers in the construction industry. This course is an excellent tool for your work force, front line Supervision and anyone else who needs to understand and comply with OSHA Standards and Regulations. Everyone walks out of this class with useful and practical information that is applicable to their work environment. Class participants will receive a copy of the OSHA Construction standards, a binder of useful reference materials and documentation of successful completion of this course that is recognized by OSHA.

This program is designed to give participants an over view of the OSHA Construction Standards, familiarize the participants with OSHA construction standards book and how to navigate through the standards, as well as to inform participants on the workings of OSHA such as how standards are promulgated, Inspection process, penalties, citations, what they mean, employer and employee rights and responsibilities and a host of other practical and useful information that will assist you with OSHA Compliance. Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will receive a completion card, which is recognized by OSHA Inspectors in the field, and is recognized training.

Course Outline
• Introduction to OSHA –
• The Act, standards, Inspections, Penalties and Citations and
• The General Duty Clause (2 hours)
• Subpart C: Construction Safety and Health Provisions(1 hour)
• Subpart D: Health and Environmental (Hazard Communication is the emphasis)(1 hour)
• Subpart E: Personal Protective Equipment(1 hour)
• Subpart M: Fall Protection and Prevention(1 hour)
• Subpart K: Electrical(1 hour)
• Subpart P: Excavation(1 hour)
• Subpart I: Hand and Power Tools(1 hour)

• Introduction to OSHA
• OSHA Recordkeeping
• General Safety and Health Provisions
• Personal Protective Equipment

Location: St. Augustine, FL

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