Course: New Developments in the Treatment of Invasive Fungal Disease
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Welcome to the PDF version of the CME course entitled "New Developments in the Treatment of Invasive Fungal Disease".

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Table of Contents

    Fungal Infections of the Central Nervous System
    Understanding How to Prevent Invasive Aspergillosis
    Are Combinations of Antifungals Beneficial or Deleterious?
    Genetically Recombinant Antibodies: New Therapeutics Against Candidiasis

Invasive Candidiasis: Clinical Update
    Reprint: Comparison of Caspofungin and Amphotericin B for Invasive Candidiasis and the accompanying commentary cannot be displayed on this Web site due to Massachusetts Medical Society policy. A reprint of the article and commentary can be accessed from the Johns Hopkins Advanced Studies in Medicine Web site.

Clinician Interview: Interview with John R. Perfect, MD
Selected Eccmid Poster Presentations

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Volume 3, Number 1A - January 2003
This CME Expires on January 15, 2005; no tests will be accepted after this date.

This course is accredited by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Advanced Studies in Medicine

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