Course: Opportunistic Fungi in the Immunocompromised Patient
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Epidemiology of Fungal Infection and Disease
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Interactions between Agent, Host, and Environment

Factors associated with the agent, the host, and the environment will all interact to determine the final outcome. At one end of the spectrum, exposure followed by infection is all that is needed for disease to occur, for example, the rabies virus. At the other extreme, a large number of organisms can gain access to the host but will not cause disease in the majority of circumstances. Disease will develop only via interactions with other contributory factors related to the host and the environment.

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Interactions between Agent, Host, and Environment
   Interactions between Agent, Host, and Environment
   The Agent
   The Environment
   The Host
   At-Risk Populations
   Spotting the Patient at High Risk
   Timetable of Infection

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