Course: Opportunistic Fungi in the Immunocompromised Patient
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Epidemiology of Fungal Infection and Disease
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Epidemiology of Fungal Infection and Disease

Humans have evolved highly sophisticated mechanisms to resist invasion by material regarded as foreign or nonself such as bacteria or fungi. In the face of exposure to microbes, the balance between health and disease is determined by a number of interrelated factors. On one side of this balance are the factors associated with the infecting agent; on the other, the ability of the host to resist the attack. The "theater" of this combat is the environment.

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Epidemiology of Fungal Infection and Disease
   Interactions between Agent, Host, and Environment
   The Agent
   The Environment
   The Host
   At-Risk Populations
   Spotting the Patient at High Risk
   Timetable of Infection

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