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About doctorfungus   About Doctor Fungus

This web site,, is owned by the DoctorFungus Corporation and is dedicated to timely dissemination of information about fungal infections via the world-wide web. DoctorFungus gratefully acknowledges the funding for this project that it has received from its pharmaceutical Sponsors.

The information provided in this web site is primarily intended for physicians. However, the introductory material has been written with minimal medical terminology so that it can be used by those patients who wish to further their understanding of their illness. Please do keep in mind, however, that medical situations are often complex and this web site is not a substitute for good clinical judgement and consultation with an experienced physician. Please also see our Legal Stuff.

The material provided as part of this web site has been created by and is being continuously revised and updated by our Editorial Staff. For some sections of the website, we also have had help from one or more of our volunteer contributors. It is also our intention to have all material reviewed by at least one member of the Editorial Board.

How was the DoctorFungus site created?

The process of creating this website has been both exhilarating and exhausting. With collaborators on three continents, coordinating the development process has been a challenge. Some of the process might be of interest to others who are developing sites of this type, so we presented an abstract describing the entire process as Rex JH, McGinnis M, Arikan S, Rodríguez-Adrián L, Kirsch M. Building a Medical Education Website: Lessons Learned From The DoctorFungus Website. 41st Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Chicago, IL, Abstract 273, December 2001. >> Click Here << to see the abstract on-line!

>> Click Here << to see the doctorfungus team hard at work during the December 2001 ICAAC!

However, this process, like the creation of the site itself, is incomplete and remains ongoing. Please forgive errors of both omission and commission--we are writing and double-checking as fast as we can. If you have suggestions or corrections, we would enjoy hearing from you. You can drop us a note at

Would You Like to Help?

Doctor Fungus actively seeks contributions from our colleagues. If there is a section of the site where you would like to see additional information, where you have photos you would like to include, or just about anything else, we'd love to discuss this. You may choose to be listed by name on the page(s) where you contribute, listed on our contributors page, or to remain anonymous--the choice would be yours. Either way, you'd have the satisfaction of helping us spread the mycological word! If you are interested, please write to us at

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