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Legal Stuff   Legal Stuff

While great care has been taken in the preparation of the material, medicine is a rapidly changing field. As new research and experience broaden our knowledge, changes in the approach to diagnosis and therapy become necessary and appropriate. Recommended dosage, method, and duration of administration, as well as contraindications to use, evolve over time for all drugs. Users of the information in this website are advised to check the current product information provided by the manufacturer of any drug prior to its administration. This is particularly important when the drug is a new or infrequently used compound. If you identify errors in the material on this website, please let us know about the error so that it may be corrected.

The information provided here may not always apply precisely to an individual patient's situation. Diagnostic and therapeutic choices must always be tailored to the individual patient's circumstances, and consultation with a physician should be undertaken before following any of the treatment strategies suggested in this web site.

Physicians are particularly reminded that consultation with a specialist in Infectious Diseases may be warranted in complex or life-threatening situations. The drug doses mentioned in this web site have been checked for accuracy, but errors are always possible. Consultation with a knowledgeable physician or pharmacist is warranted if you are unfamiliar with a drug or do not have a good understanding of the proper dosage and possible side-effects. Interactions between drugs are also always possible and are particularly prominent for some of the antifungal agents. Review of the manufacturer's product information or consultation with a pharamacist is advised if you are uncertain about the potential drug-drug interactions of an agent.

The results of therapy with any drug can be both positive and negative in different people depending upon particular facts and circumstances regarding the person's age, health, medical history, other drug use and physical condition. The therapies suggested here will not ensure successful treatment in every situation. In addition, these therapies are not inclusive of all proper methods of care, nor does their use preclude use of other methods of care. Neither DoctorFungus Corporation, nor its editorial staff, can be held responsible for errors or for any consequences arising from the use of the information in this website. Decisions regarding the propriety of any specific procedure, treatment, or drug dosage must be made by the patient's physician after consideration of all of the relevant facts regarding the individual patient. For the benefit of physicians who practice in countries outside the jurisdiction of the United States, the listed treatments may include agents and drug doses that are not currently approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

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