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Clinical Inquiries

The information provided on this web site is meant to be a continuously updated electronic textbook that serves as a general reference and guide to mycology. We are unable, however, to provide specific commentary on specific cases or clinical issues. Only a physician who truly knows your clinical situation can provide relevant advice. If you believe that you are ill, please see your doctor! We cannot respond to clinical inquiries about your personal condition or medical problem(s). There are, however, several commercial websites that do endeavor to deliver this sort of advice. Some of these include:

In addition to the above sites, there are a number of physician-oriented sites that you might wish to peruse. Here are two of our favorites:

Lab Services

The developers of this website are actively engaged in fungal research and teaching. Some of us maintain working laboratories that offer a variety of services to other laboratories or industrial researchers. Such services include:
  • Isolate identification
  • Isolate storage
  • Susceptibility testing
  • DNA typing to determine isolate relatedness
  • In vivo testing of antifungal efficacy
If you would like to contact us about your project, we'd be happy to try to point you in the right direction. If we can't do the work for you, we may well know someone who can. Drop us a note.


We would be delighted to hear from you with comments or (even better) corrections and suggestions. While time may not permit individual responses, rest assured that we do appreciate the time you spend giving us your feedback.

Copyright Inquiries

All of the material on this website is copyrighted by DoctorFungus. However, we do permit use of the material on this website under certain conditions:

  • You may download or print text or images for your personal use. Such use may include using the material in a lecture that you personally give, as part of the handouts from a lecture that you personally give, or as part of a school project that you are completing. However, further distribution or use of the material is not permitted. Specifically, distribution for personal or commercial gain (whether by you or by someone to whom you give the text or image) is prohibited.
  • Please see complete copyright statement along with the Doctorfungus resources permission form by clicking here.

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