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Second International Conference on Molecular Mechanisms of Fungal Cell Wall Biogenesis
Time remaining to start of this event: 
  8 day(s)  
Event Date(s):
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Scope of the Conference:

The main scope of the Conference is to bring together researchers interested in studying fungal cell wall biogenesis, including sensing and signalling mechanisms of cell wall integrity. In addition, the connection between cell wall biogenesis and polarity, vesicle trafficking (endocytosis and exocytosis) or any other morphogenetic mechanisms will also be covered in the program.


The format of the Conference will be similar to that of the First Conference held in Ascona in August 2001. Participation will be restricted to about 80 researchers in order to maintain the quality and interaction between participants.

Researchers interested in attending the Confence will submit an abstract summarizing their research. The Scientific Committee will select the participants among all the abstracts received, and also will decide the abstracts that will be presented in oral sessions.



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