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Laboratory Mycology: Quality, Cost-Effectiveness & Clinical Relevance
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Location: Newton, MA

Speaker: Beth A. Arthington-Skaggs, Ph.D., Mary E. Brandt, Ph.D.,David W. Warnock, Ph.D., The speakers are from the Mycotic Diseases Branch at CDC

Description: There is an increasing need for microbiologists and infectious disease professionals to make the most effective use of limited laboratory resources to diagnose and manage patients with fungal diseases. This intermediate level course will provide guidance in the selection, performance and interpretation of a wide range of established and emerging laboratory procedures. Among the issues that will be addressed:

When should mould isolates from sterile sites be identified to the species level?

Which serologic tests can be relied upon to give an unequivocal diagnosis of fungal infection?

What is the role of molecular testing in the diagnosis of fungal infection?

When can antifungal susceptibility tests predict the clinical outcome of infection? This course will focus on the when and the why of diagnostic procedures, as well as the how. It is intended for clinical laboratory microbiologists, medical technologists, infectious disease physicians, and others who are called upon to supervise and/or perform tests for the diagnosis and management of fungal diseases.

Contact: Denise Korzeniowski

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