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Understanding the mold and moisture problems " Atlanta GA"
Time remaining to start of this event: 
  1 day(s)  
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Event Description:
This one-day seminar is provided for those individuals and organizations interested in knowing more about mold, its? health effects, effects on buildings and the environment and associated liability. Areas covered in the seminar are:
• What is Mold?
• Mold Myths
• Why is Mold awareness important
• Health effects of Mold
• Why does Mold grow
• How to determine if you have Mold
• What to do if Mold is present
• How to prevent Mold
• Liability and Mold

Location: Atlanta GA

Please call for the time and location.
Telephone number: 702-595-7366 (must state for mold training.)

RESQ. Safety and Environmental Services 702-595-7366

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