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Mold Abatement & Remediation Techniques
Event Date(s):
Event Description:
This 2-day class features in-class demonstrations and hands-on training in mold abatement and remediation procedures.

Who Should Take This Class:
Contractors and maintenance workers who are required to work on mold clean up projects. Also, any individual who wants to know how to safely and properly abate and/or remediate mold infestations.

Class Content:
The Mold Abatement and Remediation Course covers the proper procedures and protocols for mold abatement, including:
• Isolation and containment of work areas
• Removal of impacted materials
• Treatment of surfaces and air spaces within the work areas
• Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and worker safety
• Mold abatement equipment
• Criteria for clearance sampling
Students review different causes and types mold as well as potential health effects. They learn various techniques applicable to abatement and remediation of mold through in-class demonstrations and hands-on training exercises.

Location: St. Augustine, FL

Please call for the time and location.
Space is limited.

Telephone number: 702-595-7366 (must state for mold training.)

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