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Think You Have A Fungal Infection?
Fungi can cause a wide variety of infections.

In People
In Animals
In Plants
Yeast infections
(Chronic Candidiasis)
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Mycology Factoids
What fungus causes mycosis fungoides?

You see the word for filamentous fungus written as both 'mold' and 'mould.'
Which is correct?

Which species name has been associated with the most different genera?

More Mycology Factoids

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Think You Have A Sick Building?
How do indoor fungi relate to human health problems?

General Discussion
Stachybotrys and toxic moulds
Sick Building Syndrome
Homeowners FAQ
Learn About Fungi
There are over 100,000 species of fungi.

General Discussion
Pictures of Fungi
Descriptions of Fungi
Fungal Synonyms
Antifungal Agents
From Allylamines and other non- azole ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitors to Antimetabolites, Azoles, Glucan Synthesis inhibitors, Polyenes and miscellaneous systemic agents.

Human Human Industrial Industrial
Veterinary Veterinary Agricultural Agricultural
Environmental Environmental
The Laboratory
Lab Procedures and diagnosing fungal infections using Histopathology.
MIC Database
Simply put, susceptibility testing refers to the idea of mixing the fungus with a drug and seeing what happens.

Search Database
Review Patterns
Education & Tools

Find out what all those Abbreviations mean.
Review the Glossary.

Mycological & Medical web resources from A to Z.

The entire Bibliography of this site.
Good Books about Mycology.
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Image Bank
Images, images and more images. Clinical, laboratory, micro and macro mycological images. Available as PowerPoint slides or JPEGS. All downloadable for FREE.
Help us spread the mycological word! We're actively seeking contributions from our esteemed colleagues from around the world. Lectures, studies, images, slides or just about anything else. Interested?

Please write to us.
Lecture Bank
A repository for sharing & exchanging medical/scientific mycology-related PowerPoint slides. Slides from lectures or interesting individual case histories are available.

Search & download
Contact us to share your slides with the bank.
Video Bank
The doctorfungus video bank is a repository for sharing, exchanging and collaborating on medical/scientific mycology-related video content. If you have video footage you would like to contribute, please contact us.
Mycology & Medical Events Calender
Stay abreast of upcoming symposia, seminars, & exhibitions. Search past events. Promote your event by posting it here!
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