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Russell E. Lewis, Pharm.D. 
Russell E. Lewis, Pharm.D.  
Medical    Medical Antifungal Agents

Shown are the agents that have been licensed or are under development for use as therapy of the fungal infections of man. Picking the most appropriate agent for a given disease is sometimes complex. To aid in this process, see our discussion of agents of choice and the discussions of the individual mycoses themselves. Mixed into the list are also the many topical agents in use for cutaneous mycoses. Please also see our discussion on antifungal pharmacology, nephrotoxicity, drug dosing in renal and liver dysfunction, drug interactions, therapeutic drug monitoring, cost analysis, and pharmacoeconomic analysis of antifungal therapy.

Group Drugs Routes Current Status
Allylamines and other non-azole ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitors Amorolfine Topical Licensed
Butenafine Topical Licensed
Naftifine Topical Licensed
Terbinafine PO, Topical Licensed
Antimetabolites Flucytosine PO, IV Licensed. IV form no longer available
Azoles Fluconazole PO, IV Licensed
Itraconazole PO, IV Licensed
Ketoconazole PO, Topical Licensed
Posaconazole PO Licensed
Ravuconazole   Under Development
Voriconazole PO, IV Licensed
Clotrimazole Topical Licensed
Econazole Topical Licensed
Miconazole Topical Licensed
Oxiconazole Topical Licensed
Sulconazole Topical Licensed
Terconazole Topical Licensed
Tioconazole Topical Licensed
Chitin synthase inhibitors Nikkomycin Z Parenteral Under development
Glucan Synthesis
Caspofungin IV Licensed
Micafungin IV Licensed
Anidulafungin IV Licensed
Polyenes Amphotericin B (AmB) IV, Topical Licensed
AmB Lipid Complex IV Licensed
AmB Colloidal Dispersion IV Licensed
Liposomal AmB IV Licensed
AmB Oral Suspension PO Licensed
Liposomal Nystatin IV Under Development
Topical Nystatin Topical Licensed
Pimaricin Ophthalmic Licensed
TNF-a Inhibitors Infliximab IV Licensed
Etanercept IV Licensed
Adalimumab IV Licensed
Certolizumab Pegol IV Licensed
Golimumab IV Licensed
Other Systemic Drugs Griseofulvin PO Licensed
Other Topical Drugs Ciclopirox olamine Topical Licensed
Haloprogin Topical Licensed
Tolnaftate Topical Licensed
Undecylenate Topical Licensed

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