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Botanical Gardens

New York Botanical Garden
A century of scientific research and the world-renowned Library and Herbarium place the Garden in the forefront of efforts to identify, collect, and study the world's plant life and understand the importance of plants to people and the environment. Adult Continuing Education provides over 600 courses, including botany classes. Find information for visiting, membership and special events.

National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG)
Located in the beautiful setting of Kalaheo, Hawaii, NTBG is dedicated to the conservation of tropical plant diversity, particularly rare and endangered species. Find out about research and conservation efforts, locate a garden or get information on walking tours. Contributions sustain it.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
This site presents the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, first and foremost a scientific institution dedicated to research on the systematics and biology of plants. It maintains one of the world's largest collections of living and preserved plants and has one of the largest botanical libraries in Britain. Explore news, current research and educational opportunities within.

University of Alberta - Devonian Botanic Garden
The northern-most Botanic garden in Canada, this center for horticultural and environmental collections of living plants and fungi provides ornamental display, education, teaching and research. Explore the research, the collections and the gardens. Find gardening resources, courses for all ages, special events and even special services, such as group tours and weddings.

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