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AdvanDx PNA FISH in vitro diagnostic kits currently include those that can identify C. albicans; S. aureus; E. faecalis.

Beacon Diagnostics Laboratory
Beacon Diagnostics Laboratory specializes in (1,3)-beta-D-glucan testing as an aid in the diagnosis of invasive fungal infection.

Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, Laboratorio de Micología: Venezuela Institute for Scientific Research, Mycology Lab
IVIC's Mycology Lab. is devoted to biochemical and molecular studies on the thermal dimorphism of the fungal pathogen Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, causative agent of the most frequent systemic mycosis in Latin America, the only geographical region in which paracoccidioido- mycosis is reported.

Fungus Testing Laboratory
The Fungus Testing Laboratory services include: Fungal identification, the in vitro susceptibility testing of antifungal drugs, the measurement of levels of antimycotic agents in biological tissues and fluids, and the evaluation of antifungal properties of potential and new antifungal drugs.

MiraVista Diagnostics
MiraVista offers an EIA for antigen detection of Histoplasma capsulatum in patient specimens, including serum, spinal fluid, urine and broncho-alveolar lavage fluid.

SkinEthic Tissue Culture Laboratories
Find out all about five different tissue models that this company makes, current research and development and uses for the reconstituted epidermis in in vitro testing and studies. Visuals enhance the demonstration of concepts. Orders usually shipped to labs in the US and Europe within 24-48 hours.

USDA Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory
The goal of the laboratory is to research the systematics of plants and fungi to solve problems in sustainable agriculture. Review three areas of research related to fungi. Access 5 fungal databases. Or review full text articles in the USDA's monthly magazine, Agriculture Research, now available on line.

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