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Focus on Fungal Infections Newsletter
Focus on Fungal Infections Newsletter

Focus on Fungal Infections - Introduction

The 12th Annual Focus on Fungal Infections was held at the beautiful Pointe Hilton at Tapatio Cliffs, Phoenix, Arizona, March 20th through 22nd, 2002. Drs. Elias Anaissie from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Center and Michael Rinaldi from the University of Texas Health Science Center co-chaired the meeting and assembled a full and diverse program.

The first day was highlighted by a keynote address from Dr. K.J. Kwon-Chung of the National Institutes of Health. In Dr. Chung’s presentation, “My Life with Cryptococcus—Perspectives from a Career in Mycology,” she recapped the milestones of her 28-year career as a bench scientist studying C. neoformans. Other topics presented included the relevance of clinical laboratory diagnosis in the management of patients with invasive fungal infections.

On the second day, topics included recommended treatment options and therapeutic strategies for patients at risk for invasive fungal infections. The keynote speaker was Dr. Thomas Walsh from the National Cancer Institute. His presentation, entitled “Preventive Aspects of Antifungal Therapy—Making Sense of Presumptive vs Preemptive vs Prophylactic vs Maintenance Strategies,” is summarized in this newsletter.

This newsletter will focus on some of the current major issues facing clinicians in the management of invasive fungal infections as presented during the meeting.

The opinions and views expressed in the articles listed below reflect those of the presenters at the 12th Annual Focus on Fungal Infections meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, March 20–22, 2002 and do not necessarily represent the opinions or recommendations of, the conference organizer, or the supporting companies.

These articels may contain information about experimental or other uses of drugs and devices that are not currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States or the regulatory authorities of other countries. Readers are requested to consult the approved product labeling for any drug or device mentioned in this newsletter before use.

List of Articles

Focus on Fungal Infections Introduction

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