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Biol 230 Microbiology Lecture Guide Unit 1
Taking a microbiology course? This lecture guide is sure to prove helpful. It introduces basic groups of microbes, cellular organization, classification, as well as details of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. An introduction to fungi, its pathogenicity and chemotherapeutic control of it are all discussed.

Biol 230 Microbiology Lecture Guide Unit 1
This section of the lecture guide is intended to help you understand the morphology and means of reproduction for yeasts and molds and the infections they cause as well as the relationship between the structures and functions of fungi and fungal pathogenicity and the chemotherapeutic control of fungi.

California Indoor Air Quality Program
The California Department of Health Services brings this site. Find a description of the program along with a listing of current projects. Meeting minutes contain a wealth of information. Reports are in-depth and full-text is available. Publications can be requested via email or by calling.

Cells Alive!
The winner of many awards, this site is truly deserving. Excellent graphics and animations illustrate different cells and microorganisms. BioCAMS allow you to gauge biological activities of bacterial and cancer cells in "real time". Peruse the wealth of information in the site then take the Cells Alive! Challenge to see what you've learned. Fascinating for all ages.

Cornell Center for Fungal Biology
Check out the biodiversity project and search the specimen index for information on more than 270 specimens, many with images. Much of this site is currently in development. Keep alert for its completion.

Dr. Makimura's WWW Medical Mycology Site In Japan
The Home Page for a professor of Medical Mycology at Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology. Read Dr. Makimura's profile. Find bibliographies to his papers, presentation and review articles. An extensive list of links to science, medical and mycology resources, catalogues of fungal strains, news and weather. Japanese and English.

Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Professional Edition
Designed for medical professionals, this award-winning site provides journal club reviews, information on new drugs and indications and medical conferences around the country, an online medical bookstore offering 10% off all titles and a comprehensive database of medical web sites. Information and resources for patients on a variety of diseases are offered as well. Patient Edition also available.

Epidemic! The World of Infection Disease
This online recap of the exhibition that was in the American Museum of Natural History tells stories of infectious disease. Read how environmental and long-term changes have impacted diseases, about the microbes that cause them, how they are diagnosed, and about epidemics and pandemics. Covers the plague to AIDS. An excellent glossary accompanies the online exhibit.

FLORIN Information System
FLORIN is an information system designed to deal with a wide range of data about plants: taxonomy and nomenclature, geographic distribution, herbarium and living collections, detailed information about plants collected in the wild, bibliographic data, plant images and more. It is based on a comprehensive botanical data model and modern computer technologies. Find a listing of online FLORIN databases and web applications, or download your free personal version.

Fun Facts About Fungi
Excellent resource for the mushroom novice. Read about penicillin, caterpillar fungus, fairy rings, ant gardens, fungal shotguns, endocarditis and much more. Photos and drawing complement the text. Glossary, references and further reading suggestions throughout. Available in English, Spanish and Polish.

Fungal Genetics Stock Center (FGSC)
Funded in large part by the National Science Foundation of the US, FGSC supplies information about fungi and offers a catalog and strain listings as well as the Fungal Genetics Newsletter on-line. Find out about meetings and conferences or join in a discussion on fungal genetics.

Fungal Infections - A Simple Facts Sheet from the AIDS Treatment Data Network
This fact sheet describes various fungal infections common to those who are HIV positive. Symptoms and treatments for each are discussed.

Fungal Infection Can Invade Dog's Body
The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ohio at Urbana-Champaign presents this article on blastomycosis and its affect on primarily young, male dogs.

Genome Center of Wisconsin
Seeking a faculty position in genomics? Announcing a Genome Center at the University of Wisconsin as a center of excellence in the study of genomes, this site solicits interested faculty with research specialization to apply. The four divisions of study under genomics are outlined. Link to various participating departments within the university.

The Geobotanical Institute
An Institute of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) within the Department of Environmental Sciences, its research is primarily in plant ecology, plant systematics, mycology, and archeobotany. With two libraries, two publications and a herbarium, there is a lot to explore. (English-speaking friendly.)

Infotrieve Online
INFOTRIEVE is a research portal offering full-service document retrieval and delivery services, current awareness alerts, databases on the web, and a variety of tools to simplify the process of identifying, retrieving, and paying for published literature.

Introduction to the Fungi
Read about the life history and ecology of fungi, the systematics of fungi, and the form and structure of these organisms. One of the few sites to mention fungi fossils, this site has a great deal of basic fungi information.

Medline - Entrez - National Center for Biotechnology Information
The Entrez browser integrates scientific literature, DNA sequence databases, 3-D protein structure data, population study data sets and assemblies of complete genomes into a tightly coupled system. PubMed is the literature component of Entrez.

Microbe World
This site offers fun, educational activities, a portrait gallery, and tales from the microscopic world. Science educators will find lots of materials for use in teaching and there are further reading suggestions for those who want more.

Think understanding microbes is difficult? This site makes it simple. Meet Microbe Man, or the Microbe of the Month. Interesting facts and a microbe-related dictionary help you to learn. Test you knowledge with a fun quiz. Explore the Pfizer Educational Initiative and look for a participating school near you. For kids, there's the FunZone, which has great a link list as well.

The World's First Mycology E-Journal. Get current mycology-related news or check the news archives, link to other mycology and microbiology journals or visit the bookstore, which is associated with and allows you to review and buy books. Great link list completes the site.

Mycologists Online
This E-mail directory is a running list of mycologists (and lichenologists), fungal herbaria and culture collections, editors of periodicals that publish papers on fungi, officials of national and international organizations, and contact persons for amateur societies accessible by E-mail. Search the seemingly endless alphabetized list.

Mycology and Agriculture Resources from Korea in Korean
Cannot locate a translation service for reading this.

Mycology Online, from Australia
Review topical issues, find courses, conferences, societies and access related resources. Search the database of mycoses descriptions or peruse the taxonomic descriptions of more than 115 species of fungi. Explore laboratory methods or, registered users can even lodge case reports of rare mycoses.

Nathan's Fungi Photo Index
Thirty-one photos of various Genus species of fungi are available. Information on the photos as well as brief commentary is also available. Photos are copyrighted, however, permission for use is granted for non-commercial purposes.

National Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Criteria for Foods
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards. Here you will find definitions of key words related to the system, the principles of HACCP and applications of those principles. Find step-by-step description of how to develop a HACCP plan in your institution. An excellent resource to print and save.

Natural Perspective
The material within is organized according to the biological principles of taxonomy, or classification. Within the Kingdom Fungi, find information on various classes and subclasses, many with photographs. An annotated bibliography accompanies each. Doctor's Guide to the Internet – Professional Edition

THE OI REPORT: A Critical Review of the Treatment & Prophylaxis of AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections (OIs)
Opportunistic infections are common and often serious problems for those who are HIV positive. Learn about histoplasmosis, blastomycosis, coccidioidomycosis, aspergillosis & candidiasis, some treatment regimens and some experimental antifungals currently in clinical trials.

Sick House Investigation Service Providers
Experts who examine conditions or perform bulk or air sampling to identify irritants including mold and mildew which can cause respiratory distress and in some cases serious illness are called Sick House Investigators. Link to guidelines for finding an expert in this field or link directly to investigators in a few Eastern states.

Significance of Molds in Indoor Proliferation
Allergenicity, chemical irritation , invasive pathogenesis and community effects are all mechanisms by which molds proliferating within public buildings or homes may adversely affect humans. This site explains how to find and how not to find these molds and provides a list of the morphology and toxins of about 20 common molds.

Why should I worry about molds, dust mites and mildew? (from
Find out what these are, how they travel, what the health effects of these biological pollutants are and how you can guard against them. One article in a series on maintaining a healthy home.

World Health Organization (WHO)
WHO is world renowned as the leading authority on international health work. Find out about policies and related documents. Access WHO reports and publications and extensive information on various diseases and health topics. Read speeches from the Director - General or locate a regional office.

Zoosporic Fungi Online
Learn about zoosporic fungi, stramenopiles, and isolation tips and techniques. Check out the picture of the week or recent/in press publications. A very small glossary of terms used with zoosporic fungi is provided.

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