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Mushroom-Specific Sites

Dave Fischer's North American Mushroom Basics
Dave Fischer answers many common questions about mushrooms. Topics include: ecology, edibility, reproduction, identification, names and cultivation. Also find a list books related to fungi.

Fungal Jungle - The Mushroom Menagerie
Your guide through this site is "Mugs Mushroom." Test your mushroom knowledge in a quiz about poisonous mushrooms, learn what to do if you think you've eaten a poisonous mushroom, and find recipes for five dishes to be made with the edible kind.

Fungi Images on the Net
This site gives you direct access to nearly 1600 images of fungi. The images are listed by species names with information on file size, photographer and origin-URL. Use this as a supplement to photo guide books and mushroom keys or in whatever way you like.

Fungi Perfecti
Fungi Perfecti specializes in using gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for improving the health of the planet and its people. This site offers everything from ready-to-grow kits and mushroom spawn to culture tools and supplies. Class and seminar information is available as well. Portions of the site can also be viewed in four other languages.

Geeky Mushroom Sites
Last updated in June 1996, this site is a gateway to fifteen web sites dealing with mycology, many of which are inoperable.

Mushroom Heaven
This site is a product of an art student with a passion for mushrooms. Last updated in June 1997, this uncomplicated site remains a good source for basic mushroom information – where and when to find them, how to identify and collect them, and even recipes for eating them. Many photos available to complement the text.

The Mushroom Place
This site aims to provide information and articles about identifying wild mushrooms. Using the experimental numerical key, construct a numerical code by selecting mushroom characteristics to help identify the Genus species of a wild mushroom.

Mushroom Poisoning Case Registry
The Mushroom Poisoning Case Registry was established by the Trustees of the North American Mycological Association to collect and disseminate data on mushroom poisoning in North America. Submit a report of any mushroom poisoning or request a wild mushroom warning poster.

The biggest attraction of this site is Fungi of the San Francisco Bay Area with a species index, photos, a glossary, bibliography and links. The Boletes of California, an online reprint of California Mushrooms, A Field Guide to the Boletes by Harry D. Thiers, is now available. Also find lots of photos, recipes and an excellent link list.

Wild mushrooms - How to Find, Cook and Eat Them -- and Survive!
Brief descriptions of 23 good mushrooms and 15 bad ones may helpful in distinguishing poisonous from nontoxic mushrooms. Although no pictures, the Genus species is provided for each. The glossary and diagram of mushroom parts may prove educational.

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