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University Department Sites

About Pythium insidiosum and Pythiosis
The Department of Microbiology at Michigan State University delivers the history, biology, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of P. insidiosum, which is not a true fungus, but rather an oomycete. The photo gallery visually demonstrates a variety of concepts and disease manifestations.

Biology Links from Harvard
The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University provides a fair amount of biology-related internet links. Link categories include: General Internet Biology Resources, Banks & Tables, Selected Model Organism Databases, Selected Other Databases, Software Directories and more. This is a gateway to more than 50 biology-related sites.

Columbia University - Department of Microbiology
Get info on the research program, the coordinated doctoral and PhD programs, postdoctoral fellowships, housing, the faculty, the campus, student life, seminars, meetings and everything you need to know to apply.

Harvard Medical School - Department Of Microbiology And Molecular Genetics
With a distinguished history of contributing to understanding the causes, prevention and treatment of disease by studying the molecular bases of pathogenic viral and bacterial infections, Harvard Medical School expands the basic understanding of bacterial viruses, fungi and animal cells. Find faculty, seminars or explore the academic programs.

Montana State University - Medical Mycology Predoctoral Training Program
Find information about the program as well as the faculty and research facilities. Explore individual web pages of research program faculty. Review the training program, minimum criteria for acceptance and financials involved.

Montana State University - Department of Microbiology
Examine the basis of the program, the areas of research and the faculty who lead them. Find course listings, a seminar schedule or link to the environmental journal club. Information for prospective students available as well.

Northwestern University Medical School - Department Microbiology-Immunology
Explore the department, the faculty and labs and the graduate programs. Check out the life sciences calendar for seminars and presentations. Or go to the Northwester University homepage to navigate through the entire school.

Otago School of Medical Sciences – Department of Microbiology
Find information about the department, the staff, facilities and equipment. Learn about the staff or locate them in the directory. A great amount of information on the five departments of the school of medical sciences is available as well.

Teikyo University Institute of Medical Mycology (TIMM)
Self-purported to be the oldest internet homepage of medical mycology in the world. Find a staff and student directory. Learn about research activities or the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) system of diagnosing and identifying infections. Or review the fungal culture collection. Fungal strains of the collection available at a fee for those qualified in the safe handling of them. Japanese and English.

Tom Volk's Fungi
Tom Volk, Associate Professor in the Biology Department at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, provides an introduction to the Kingdom Fungi and information for teachers on ways to use the internet for teaching about fungi. This site features 3 years of Fungi of the Month and contains over 1000 images of fungi in a searchable index.

University of Washington - Department of Microbiology
Explore undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as the department's internationally recognized research program. Find directories of faculty, fellows, scientists, staff and grad students. Search through MicroScope, the department's newsletter. Announcements and seminar descriptions and schedules available as well.

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