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Fungal Names and Synonyms
Fungal Names and Synonyms
Indexed By Species

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On these pages and subpages, we provide an index to current and obsolete fungus names. This version of the index is organized by species name--we separately provide a version that is organized by genus name. In this version of the index, the designation "(obsolete)" indicates that the given species name is obsolete in the context of this genus. The genus name itself is not necessarily obsolete.

Genus Name Associated Genera
pachydermatis Cryptococcus (obsolete), Malassezia, Pityrosporum (obsolete)
padenii Chlamydoabsidia
pallescens Cochliobolus, Curvularia
pallidoroseum Fusarium (obsolete)
palmioleophila Candida
paludigena Candida
pannicola Chrysosporium
pannorum Chrysosporium (obsolete), Sporotrichum (obsolete)
pannorus Geomyces
papyricola Eidamella (obsolete)
paradoxus Saccharomyces
paralipolytica Candida (obsolete)
parapsilosis Candida, Monilia (obsolete)
parapsilosis var. obtusa Candida (obsolete)
pararoseus Cryptococcus (obsolete)
pararugosa Candida
parasitica Phialophora
parasiticum Phaeoacremonium
paratropicalis Candida (obsolete)
parva Emmonsia
parva var. crescens Emmonsia
parva var. parva Emmonsia
parvum Chrysosporium
parvum var. crescens Chrysosporium
parvum var. parvum Chrysosporium
pasteuriana Emmonsia
pastorianus Saccharomyces
pastoris Pichia
pedis Trichophyton (obsolete)
pedrosoi Fonsecaea, Hormodendrum (obsolete), Phialophora (obsolete), Rhinocladiella (obsolete)
pelliculosa Candida
peltata Candida
penicillatum Geotrichum (obsolete), Trichosporon (obsolete)
penicilloides Aspergillus, Gliocladium
perlatum Lycoperdon
pernambucensis Waldermaria (obsolete)
persicolor Arthroderma, Microsporum, Nannizzia (obsolete), Trichophyton
petersonii Pichia
petrohuensis Candida
phaeomuriformis Sarcinomyces
phaeospermum Arthrinium
phaeospermum var. indicum Arthrinium
phaseolforme Trichophyton
phialiseptus Aspergillus (obsolete)
philentoma Ambrosiozyma
philodendri Pichia
philogaea Pichia
philyla Rhodotorula
photographus Sporobolomyces (obsolete)
phyllomatis Sporobolomyces
phylloplana Rhodotorula
pignaliae Candida
pijperi Pichia
pilati Rhodotorula
pilimanae Rhodotorula (obsolete)
piluliferum Botryotrichum, Chaetomium
pini Candida, Pichia
pisciphila Exophiala
playtpodis Ambrosiozyma
pleurospora Pleurophoma
plicarum Epidermophyton (obsolete)
pluriseptata Cyphellophora
podzolicus Cryptococcus
polycephala Mortierella
polymorpha Hansenula (obsolete)
polymorphus Debaryomyces
polyspora Sydowia
populi Candida, Pichia
portulacae Dichotomophthora
posadasii Coccidioides
potronii Acremonium
praecox Microsporum
prainii Mucor (obsolete)
pretoriensis Torulaspora
prolferans Trichophyton
proliferans Trichophyton (obsolete)
proliferatum Fusarium
prolificans Lomentospora (obsolete), Scedosporium
proteolyticum Trichosporon (obsolete)
pruinosum Chrysosporium (obsolete), Sporotrichum
pseudocactophila Pichia
pseudofischeri Neosartorya
pseudointermedia Candida
pseudokoningii Hypocrea, Trichoderma
pseudolambica Candida
pseudopolymorphus Debaryomyces
pseudotrichosporon Blastoschizomyces (obsolete)
pseudotropicalis Candida (obsolete)
psychrophila Candida
puicherrima Capronia
pulchella Malbranchea
pulcherrima Candida
pullulans Aureobasidium, Dematium (obsolete), Hormonema (obsolete), Monilia (obsolete), Pullularia (obsolete), Trichosporon
pulmonale Geotrichum (obsolete)
pulmonalis Mycotorula (obsolete)
pulmoneum Oidium (obsolete)
pulverulentum Sporotrichum (obsolete)
puntonii Paecilomyces
purpurascens Epicoccum
purpurea Claviceps
purpureum Trichophyton (obsolete)
purpureus Monascus
purpurogenum Penicillium
pusillus Mucor (obsolete), Rhizomucor
pustula Rhodotorula
putredinis Graphium
pyriforme Histoplasma (obsolete), Lycoperdon

The database includes 1640 species (594 of which are obsolete) from 418 genera.

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