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Fungal Names and Synonyms
Fungal Names and Synonyms
Indexed By Species

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On these pages and subpages, we provide an index to current and obsolete fungus names. This version of the index is organized by species name--we separately provide a version that is organized by genus name. In this version of the index, the designation "(obsolete)" indicates that the given species name is obsolete in the context of this genus. The genus name itself is not necessarily obsolete.

Genus Name Associated Genera
vaccinii Candida
vaginae Cylindrocarpon
vaillantii Poria
valdiviana Candida
valida Candida
vanbreuseghemii Arthroderma, Microsporum, Trichophyton
vanderwaltii Candida
vanrijiae Debaryomyces
vanrijiae va. yarrowii Debaryomyces
variabile Trichosporon (obsolete)
variabilis Candida (obsolete), Monilia (obsolete), Oospora (obsolete), Rhizomucor
variabilis var. regularior Rhizomucor
variabilis var. variabilis Rhizomucor
variotii Paecilomyces
vartiovaarae Candida
vasiformis Saksenaea
vasinfectum Fusarium (obsolete)
ventricosum Fusarium (obsolete)
veronae Pichia
verrucosa Phialophora
verrucosum Trichophyton
verruculosa Curvularia
verruculosum Penicillium, Syncephalastrum (obsolete)
verruculosus Cochliobolus
versatilis Candida
versicolor Aspergillus, Scopulariopsis (obsolete), Sterigmatocystis (obsolete)
verticillata Hormographiella
verticillioides Fusarium
vinaria Candida (obsolete)
vini Candida
violacea Spicaria (obsolete)
violaceum Trichophyton
virens Gliocladium
viride Trichoderma
viridis Paecilomyces
vishniacii Cryptococcus
viswanathii Candida
vriesii Arachnotheca (obsolete), Nannizziopsis, Rollandina (obsolete)
vuilleminii Rhodotorula (obsolete)
vulgaris Candida (obsolete)
werneckii Cladosporium (obsolete), Exophiala (obsolete), Hortaea, Phaeoannellomyces (obsolete)
wickerhamii Candida, Pichia, Prototheca
wolfli Mortierella
xanthus Sporobolomyces
xerophilum Chrysosporium
xestobii Candida
xylosa Pichia
yamadae Debaryomyces
yaoundei Trichophyton
yarrowii Cryptococcus
zambettakesii Geotrichum (obsolete)
zeae Gibberella, Ustilago (obsolete)
zeylanoides Candida, Monilia (obsolete)
zonatum Chrysosporium
zopfii Prototheca

The database includes 1640 species (594 of which are obsolete) from 418 genera.

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Atlas of Clinical Fungi, 2nd Edition
G. S. de Hoog, J. Guarro, J. Gené, M. J. Figueras
Centralbureau voor Schimmelcultures / Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 2000.
Contacts for purchasing: Website, Email:

Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi, 8th Edition, published 1995 by CAB International
Contacts for purchasing: Email: or
FAX: 1-212-686-7993
voice: 212-726-6490

The Yeasts, A Taxonomic Study, 4th Ed
CP Kurtzman and JW Fell
Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2000
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