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Fungal Names and Synonyms
Fungal Names and Synonyms
Indexed By Species

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On these pages and subpages, we provide an index to current and obsolete fungus names. This version of the index is organized by species name--we separately provide a version that is organized by genus name. In this version of the index, the designation "(obsolete)" indicates that the given species name is obsolete in the context of this genus. The genus name itself is not necessarily obsolete.

Genus Name Associated Genera
cactophila Pichia
caesiellus Aspergillus
caespitosus Botryomyces
cajetani Arthroderma, Nannizzia (obsolete)
caliciformis Phialophora (obsolete)
camptobactrum Leptodontium
canadensis Hansenula (obsolete), Onychocola, Pichia
candida Scopulariopsis, Torulopsis (obsolete)
candidum Geotrichum
candidus Aspergillus
canescens Penicillium
canis Microsporum, Pityrosporum (obsolete)
canis var. distortum Microsporum
cantarellii Candida
capillitii Cryptococcus (obsolete)
capitatum Geotrichum (obsolete), Trichosporon (obsolete)
capitatus Blastoschizomyces, Dipodascus
caprophilum Chaetomium (obsolete)
capsulata Emmonsiella (obsolete), Hansenula (obsolete), Pichia, Posadasia (obsolete)
capsulatum Histoplasma, Zymonema (obsolete)
capsulatum var. capsulatum Histoplasma
capsulatum var. duboisii Histoplasma
capsulatum var. farciminosun Histoplasma
capsulatus Ajellomyces, Cryptococcus (obsolete), Endomyces (obsolete), Torulopsis (obsolete)
carbonei Blastodendrion (obsolete)
caribaea Pichia
carinii Pneumocystis
carlsbergensis Saccharomyces (obsolete)
carneus Aspergillus
carollinus Cryptococcus (obsolete)
carougeaue Sporotrichum (obsolete)
carrionii Cladophialophora, Cladosporium (obsolete)
carsonii Debaryomyces
caseinolytica Candida
cassiicola Corynespora
castellani Candida (obsolete)
castellanii Cladosporium (obsolete), Exophiala
castellii Candida, Debaryomyces, Saccharomyces
castillae Pichia
castrensis Candida
catenata Sporothrix (obsolete)
catenatus Phaeococcomyces
catenulata Candida
cava Pleurophoma
cerealis Oidiodendron
cerebriforme Trichosporon (obsolete)
cerevisiae Hormiscium (obsolete), Saccharomyces
cerophilum Ramichloridium (obsolete)
chambardii Pichia
chartarum Alternaria, Pithomyces, Sporidesmium (obsolete), Stachybotrys, Ulocladium
chevalieri Aspergillus, Eurotium
chilensis Candida
chiropterorum Candida
chlamydospora Alternaria
chlamydosporum Fusarium
chodati Cladosporium (obsolete), Dermatium (obsolete)
chodatii Candida, Endomycopsis (obsolete)
chryososporium Phanerochaete
chrysogenum Penicillium
chrysospermum Sepedonium
cicatricosa Ambrosiozyma
cidri Saccharomyces (obsolete), Zygosaccharomyces
cidrii Torulaspora (obsolete)
ciferrii Candida, Hansenula (obsolete), Pichia, Stephanoascus
cinerea Scopulariopsis
cinerescens Volutella
cinereus Coprinus, Microascus
cingulata Glomerella
cinnabarinus Aphanoascus (obsolete)
cinnamomeum Chaetomium (obsolete)
circinelloides Mucor
cirrosus Microascus
cisnerosi Mycotorula (obsolete)
citrinum Penicillium
cladosporioides Cladosporium, Hormodendrum (obsolete), Penicillium (obsolete)
claussenii Candida (obsolete)
clavata Curvularia
clavato-nanicus Aspergillus
clavatum Geotrichum
clavatus Aspergillus
clypeiforme Epidermophyton (obsolete)
coccodes Chaetomium (obsolete), Colletotrichum
coerulea Absidia
coeruleum Fusarium
cohnii Rhizopus (obsolete)
coipomoensis Candida
cokeri Septobasidium
commune Penicillium, Schizophyllum
compacta Fonsecaea
compactum Fonsecaea (obsolete), Phialophora (obsolete), Rhinocladiella (obsolete)
concentricum Trichophyton
conglobata Candida
conglutinans Fusarium (obsolete)
conicus Aspergillus
coniothyrium Leptosphaeria
consortionis Cryptococcus
constricta Ochroconis
constricta var. constricta Dactylaria (obsolete)
constricta var. gallopava Dactylaria (obsolete)
constrictum Scolecobasidium (obsolete)
cookei Microsporum
cookiella Nannizzia (obsolete)
cookiellum Arthroderma
corallina Torula (obsolete), Torulopsis (obsolete)
coremiformis Trichosporon (obsolete)
coremiiforme Trichosporon
coremiiformis Hemispora (obsolete)
corniculata Nannizzia (obsolete)
corniculatum Arthroderma
coronata Boudierella (obsolete), Delacroixia, Entomophthora (obsolete)
coronatus Conidiobolus
corymbifer Mucor (obsolete)
corymbifera Absidia
corymbosa Ascoidea
coudertii Debaryomyces
councilmani Sporotrichum (obsolete)
crescens Emmonsia (obsolete)
cristalliferum Achaetomium (obsolete)
crotalariae Phaeotrichoconis
cruris Trichophyton (obsolete)
cruris-hominis Phoma
crustaceus Paecilomyces, Thermoascus
crystallinus Pilobolus
cuboidea Arthrographis, Coremiella (obsolete)
cuboideum Geotrichum (obsolete)
cucumerina Plectosphaerella
curvatum Phialemonium
curvatus Cryptococcus
curvulum Acremonium
cutanea Monilia (obsolete)
cutaneum Geotrichum (obsolete), Oidium (obsolete), Trichosporon
cutaneum var. peneaus Trichosporon (obsolete)
cyanescens Cerinosterus, Cylindrocarpon, Fugomyces, Phialophora (obsolete), Sporothrix (obsolete)
cylindracea Candida
cylindrospora Absidia
cynodontis Cochliobolus, Drechslera (obsolete), Helminthosporium (obsolete)
cynodontisc Bipolaris
cypria Hendersonula (obsolete)

The database includes 1640 species (594 of which are obsolete) from 418 genera.

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