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Fungal Names and Synonyms
Fungal Names and Synonyms
Indexed By Species

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On these pages and subpages, we provide an index to current and obsolete fungus names. This version of the index is organized by species name--we separately provide a version that is organized by genus name. In this version of the index, the designation "(obsolete)" indicates that the given species name is obsolete in the context of this genus. The genus name itself is not necessarily obsolete.

Genus Name Associated Genera
bacarum Rhodotorula
baccata Gibberella
bacillisporus Cryptococcus (obsolete)
bailii Saccharomyces (obsolete), Zygosaccharomyces
bakeri Sporidesmium (obsolete)
bantiana Cladophialophora, Torula (obsolete), Xylohypha (obsolete)
bantianum Cladosporium (obsolete)
barkeri Pichia
barnettii Saccharomyces
bassiana Beauveria
batatas Rhizopus (obsolete)
bayanus Saccharomyces
beckii Hansenula (obsolete)
beechii Candida
behrendii Fermentotrichon (obsolete), Trichosporon (obsolete)
beigelii Pleurococcus (obsolete), Trichosporon
benhamiae Arthroderma
bertae Candida
berthetii Candida
bertholletiae Cunninghamella
besseyi Pichia
beurmannii Rhinotrichum (obsolete), Sporothrix (obsolete), Sporotrichum (obsolete)
bhutanensis Cryptococcus
bimundalis Hansenula (obsolete), Pichia
biourgei Rhodotorula (obsolete), Torulopsis (obsolete)
biseptata Drechslera
bispora Pichia
bisporus Saccharomyces (obsolete), Zygosaccharomyces
blankii Candida
blochii Acremonium
bogoriensis Rhodotorula
boidinii Candida
boleticola Candida
bombi Candida
bombicola Candida
boppii Cladophialophora, Taeniolella (obsolete)
borellii Arthroderma, Nannizzia (obsolete)
bostrycoides Fusarium (obsolete)
botryosa Veronaea
botrytis Ulocladium
boullardii Microsporum
bovis Pichia
boydii Allescheria (obsolete), Petriellidium (obsolete), Pseudallescheria
brachyspora Curvularia
brasiliense Zymonema (obsolete)
brasiliensis Aleurisma (obsolete), Blastomyces (obsolete), Coccidioides (obsolete), Monilia (obsolete), Mycoderma (obsolete), Paracoccidioides
brevicaule Penicillium (obsolete)
brevicaulis Microascus, Scopulariopsis
brevicaulis var. glabra Scopulariopsis (obsolete)
brevis Glenosporum (obsolete)
brumptii Scopulariopsis
brunnescens Cadophora (obsolete), Phialophora (obsolete)
bruxellensis Dekkera
bubakii Phialophora
buffonii Rhodotorula
buinensis Candida
bulbigenum Fusarium (obsolete)
burtonii Endomycopsis (obsolete), Hyphopichia, Pichia (obsolete)
butyri Candida

The database includes 1640 species (594 of which are obsolete) from 418 genera.

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G. S. de Hoog, J. Guarro, J. Gené, M. J. Figueras
Centralbureau voor Schimmelcultures / Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 2000.
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Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi, 8th Edition, published 1995 by CAB International
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CP Kurtzman and JW Fell
Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2000
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